BCB Property Management

BCB Property Management, Inc., a full-service multifamily and mixed-use real estate firm based in New York City, was founded in 2008 by Debrah Lee Charatan, a pioneering presence in the real estate world.

Charatan, a New York City native, seeks out multifamily and mixed-use properties with considerable potential for long-term returns on investment. She and her team at BCB have acquired over 1.6 million square feet of real estate in New York and beyond since 2012, amounting to 100-plus buildings and 1,800 apartments. Ever searching for new acquisition opportunities, the BCB Property Management team prides itself on uncovering unique projects with substantial upside potential.

BCB Property Management has a strong commitment to investments in emerging marketplaces and prides itself on a proactive and ethical approach to management. It is also a value manager, making sure the proper decisions are made to ensure the success of investors and residents. To that end BCB features an in-house team of experts well-versed in the fields of management, finance, and development.

Charatan is a savvy veteran of four decades in the real estate world. Under her leadership BCB has acquired properties with considerable upside and realized robust growth through a combination of efficient management, construction prowess, upstanding principals, and a keen eye for value. Through this unique process, BCB has succeeded in reviving buildings and enhancing the communities in which it does business.

BCB Property Management has invested extensively throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn to bring considerable value to BCB’s tenants, investors, and the surrounding neighborhoods. In Brooklyn, BCB has invested most notably along Atlantic Avenue and Fourth Avenue, two of the borough’s major thoroughfares. Brooklyn’s Union Avenue has proven to be another fertile area for BCB. Once a desolate strip of warehouses, factories, and garages, it is now lined by residential high rises.

In Manhattan, the team at BCB Property Management has focused its resources primarily in the East Village and Harlem, two areas that have enjoyed a competitive market resurgence in recent years.

In these areas, and beyond, BCB Property Management has embedded itself in the very fabric of New York. With significant resources at its disposal, and a top-tier development team to manage the process, BCB Property Management, Inc. has become an integral part of the New York skyline.